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Heavy Duty Square Breakaway Coupling


For use with 2″ Square Pole

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Heavy Duty Square Breakaway Coupling – For use with 2″ Square Pole. Pre-assembled as shown for convenience Sign post breakaway system protects the post anchor in the ground from damage.  Only replace components as necessary. The cups can be reused and replaced as needed and the centerpiece is just a fraction of the replacement cost of traditional 1-piece designs. Galvanized cable helps prevent flying debris.

Installation Specifications:

•2”  Square Breakaway Coupling

• Anchor-to-Post Installation

• 5/16” Set Screw Mount To Anchor

• 5/16” Set Screw Mount To Post

Useful Tip:
Keep some pre-assembled sets on hand when heading out to repair fallen sign posts. There’s no need to re-assemble on-site.

Bring all of the used components back to your workshop to salvage, repair and re-assemble reusable parts in a more comfortable environment.  Some threaded holes may need re-threading. Enjoy the savings!


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