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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Single Sided


  • Solar Powered
  • Easy Installation
  • Single Sided
  • Optional Pedestrian Confirmation LED
  • Wireless Communication
  • Traffic Sign – Single Sign


Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon – Single Sided

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon or RRFB provides high visibility to motorists approaching pedestrian crosswalks. The Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon meets the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requirements for all approved flash patterns. The RRFB flashes in a new WW+S flash pattern. RRFB features a high visibility pedestrian confirmation light, black or yellow powder coated aluminum enclosure, and is pedestrian activated. Fits easily onto existing signposts, and can be installed by city crews with minimal traffic disruptions.  Great for mid-block crosswalks, trail crossings and unsignalized intersections. The Single Sided RRFB faces one direction. You can choose an optional sign to accompany the RRFB. You will receive one traffic sign.

RRFB Features:

  • Meets MUTCD Requirements
  • 3.5″(h) x 20″(w) x 3″(d) – .080 Highway Grade Aluminum, Powder Coated Black
  • Solar Power – 20 Watt Panel
  • Includes 12v/22 AH Battery
  • Lockable Control Cabinet
  • Single Sided or Back to Back Mounted (Includes mounting hardware)
  • Side Pedestrian Confirmation LED (Mounted on Left or Right Side)
  • Wireless Communication – comes with Standard Button, Upgrades Available ( RRFB on either side of road will flash when push button is pushed)
  • Confirmation Push Button – Audible tone and flashing LED on button let pedestrian know message was sent to beacon. Comes with 9″ x 12″ Plate.

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Push Buttons:

      • Standard Push Button – Button pushed by pedestrian to activate flashing sign.
      • Deluxe Push Button-– Button pushed by pedestrian to activate flashing sign. Comes with 9”x12” sign

New Option

Campbell APS Activation Button – When button is pushed a locator tone tells pedestrian that the crossing is equipped with APS and where it can be found. The acknowledgement tone and visual LED indication accompany a pedestrian call.

Listen to Campbell APS Activation Button message here.

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Single Sided, Single Sided with Pedestrian Confirmation LED


Wireless Communication – Standard Button, Wireless Communication – Deluxe Button, Wireless Communication – Campbell APS Button


No Sign, 30" Diamond Sign, 36" Diamond Sign, 30" School Crossing S1-1, 36" School Crossing S1-1


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