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Double Flashing Beacon School Zone System


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  • Double 12″ Yellow LED Beacon
  • S5-1 School Speed Limit When Flashing Sign
  • Standard or Deluxe Timer
  • Optional Deluxe Timer Software

Speed Limit


Double Flashing Beacon School Zone System

Our new product line of School Zone Flashing Beacon Systems are setting new standards in the industry.  The existing flashing beacon systems have been standard for years and drivers have become accustom to these beacons and basically forget they are there. With our new design you have the beacon system enhanced with the actual sign flashing in series with the beacons. The bright yellow LED lights of the beacons and the bright white LED lights on the actual sign face quickly grab the attention of distracted drivers in day or night conditions. If you prefer you can choose to use a standard (Non Flashing) school speed limit when flashing sign.

We offer standard 7 day or deluxe timers so you are always in control of the flash periods. Pole Systems are available. If you have an existing system in place that needs to be updated we can pre-assemble the components to help simplify the installation. Options listed are just a small idea of the capabilities of these flashing systems.  Even wireless activation control with a hand held key fob is an available option. If you have a specific configuration requirement…please contact us.

  • Type IX Fluorescent Yellow Green reflective sheeting
  • Double 12″ Yellow LED Beacon
  • Aluminum Housing – 5 Watts
  • Solar or AC Power System
  • 65 Watt/12 volt Solar Panel or ( For Solar Application)
  • 12 volt 55 Ah Battery
  • Charge Controller Protected
  • Lockable Control Cabinet
  • Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • Standard or Deluxe Timer
  • Optional Deluxe Timer Software
  • Choice of Sign – Standard (Non Flashing) or LED Flashing
  • Optional Pole Systems – Click Here To View Pole Options

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AC, Solar


Timer – Standard, Timer – Deluxe School with Software


Flashing LED S5-1 Sign, Standard Non Flashing S5-1 Sign