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Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Emergency Vehicle Warning System

  • Use with Flashing Signage or Beacons
  • Retrofit Your Current System
  • Alert Drivers That Emergency Vehicles Are Exiting
  • Activated Flashing Signs or Beacons When Emergency Vehicle Lights Are Turned On


Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Alert drivers that emergency vehicles are departing the area and to use extreme caution with our Emergency Vehicle Warning System. Emergency personnel activate signs when emergency vehicle lights are turned on. By turning the emergency vehicle lights on you activate the Tomar strobe switch. The Tomar sensor  is a low current strobe switch activated by the optical emitter used by most fire department emergency vehicles to control traffic signals en route to an emergency.  The sensor talks to the flashing signs or flashing beacons down the road from the Fire Department. Vehicle Range activation distance is around 200 ft.

Use with our Flashing LED Traffic Signs or Flashing Beacons.

Please Call for more information or for a quote

We can adapt our sensor with your current beacons functional or nonfunctional in most cases.


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