“Do Solar Panels Make Sense for Chicago Homes?”

An article from the Chicago Mag by Moira Lawler

The Chicagoland area is not known for being the sunniest city in the United States. But that does not mean that a Chicagoan cannot install solar panels in a home. Recent data from a Redfin brokerage says that solar panels may be worth it for a home in Chicago.

The price of a home with solar panels will be higher than one without. It is said that a Chicago home with solar panels costs around $303,000 while without is about $195,000. This price factor is not because the homes have solar panels as much as the amenities that come with the house. Typically a home with solar panels has better amenities than ones without.

Therefore, the cost for installing a solar panel system is about $13,000 – $17,000. Supposedly, “…expect to save $12 – $20 per kilowatt each month on the electricity bill”.

Chicago was actually ranked #2 from the list of Midwest cities that have good solar power potential. On the scale of 1-100 for a Sun Number, 75+ means that a building or home has good potential for solar energy. Chicago has a Sun Number of 80.

Solar panels generate 35% – 40% less power on cloudy days, but that is no reason not to install a solar panel systems or find a home with one already installed!

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