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Articles for Traffic Safety

Work Zone Awareness

National Work Zone Awareness Week April 9-13 Every Spring, National Work Zone Awareness Week is brought to national attention for motorist and worker safety. As well as mobility issues in the work zone. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has been working with the American Association... View More

Work Zone Awareness

LED Enhanced Stop Sign

Flashing LED Enhanced Stop Sign Are you curious about some of the specifications of our R1-1 Flashing LED Enhanced Stop Sign? Check out this video below that takes a closer look at our Stop Sign. Remember that these signs are both AC and Solar powered,... View More

LED Enhanced Stop Sign

Check out our Beacon Systems

January 29th, 2018 in ,

Beacon Systems are not Just for School Zones Check out our beacon systems and see how they are not just for school zones. The systems can operate with pedestrian signs, warning signs, stop signs, are more. The systems can be powered by a solar or... View More

Beacon Systems

Effectiveness of Speed Radar Signs

Speed Radar Signs are Highly Effective To begin with, several studies have been done to test the effectiveness of speed radar signs. There are two cases to look at and those are in Kirkland, Washington, and Tigard, Oregon. In Kirkland, Washington, traffic surveys showed a... View More

Speed Radar Signs

Get Your Handheld Signs

January 2nd, 2018 in , ,

Stop/Slow Handheld Sign This double-sided handheld sign features Stop on one side and Slow on the other. There are LEDs on the letters that have a 1-mile visibility when illuminated. The handheld signs come in two different sizes, which include 18″ and 24″. The sign can... View More

Handheld Sign

Winter Driving

Here are Some Tips for Winter Driving According to, there are three key elements to safe Winter driving. Those include staying alert, staying in control, and slowing down. Therefore, the best thing to do first is to winterize your vehicle. This includes scheduling a maintenance... View More

Winter Driving

Traveling for the Holiday?

November 20th, 2017 in , ,

Here are Some Tips for Traveling for the Holiday Turkey day is right around the corner! And if you are planning on traveling for the holiday, here are some extra tips and tricks of the trade:   Don’t forget to buckle up and slow down.... View More

Traveling for the holiday

Solar Stop Signs at Delnor Hospital

November 13th, 2017 in ,

Flashing 24″ Solar Stop Signs at Delnor Hospital Delnor Hospital has several of our 24″ Solar Stop Signs throughout their campus. Our Illuminated Flashing Stop Sign conforms to the specifications of the FHWA set forth in the MUTCD. The LEDs extend the range of visibility of... View More

Solar Stop Signs

Teen Traffic Deaths Drop

Huge decrease in Teen Traffic Deaths in Past Decade Back in 2007, there were approximately 155 deaths on the road involving teens. In 2008, a program came about called, “Graduated License Program” and ever since then, teen deaths have dropped 51%. As you may know,... View More

Teen Traffic Deaths

Embedded LEDs

Traffic Signs with Embedded LEDs Having embedded LEDs in traffic signs enhances drivers awareness of traffic signs. In a study, there was a statistically drastic decrease of vehicle approach speeds with traffic signs with embedded LEDs. The Texas Transportation Institute did a study and found... View More

Embedded LEDs in Traffic Signs