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Articles for Interesting Safety Articles

Effectiveness of Speed Radar Signs

Speed Radar Signs are Highly Effective To begin with, several studies have been done to test the effectiveness of speed radar signs. There are two cases to look at and those are in Kirkland, Washington, and Tigard, Oregon. In Kirkland, Washington, traffic surveys showed a... View More

Speed Radar Signs

Winter Driving

Here are Some Tips for Winter Driving According to, there are three key elements to safe Winter driving. Those include staying alert, staying in control, and slowing down. Therefore, the best thing to do first is to winterize your vehicle. This includes scheduling a maintenance... View More

Winter Driving

Teen Traffic Deaths Drop

Huge decrease in Teen Traffic Deaths in Past Decade Back in 2007, there were approximately 155 deaths on the road involving teens. In 2008, a program came about called, “Graduated License Program” and ever since then, teen deaths have dropped 51%. As you may know,... View More

Teen Traffic Deaths

Teen Driver Safety Week

October 16th, 2017 in

October 15-21: Teen Driver Safety Week This year is the 10th annual week of National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW). This week began in 2007 after multiple tragic accidents occurred in Pennsylvania involving high school students. NTDSW is to raise awareness and seek solutions to... View More

National Teen Driver Safety Week

Embedded LEDs

Traffic Signs with Embedded LEDs Having embedded LEDs in traffic signs enhances drivers awareness of traffic signs. In a study, there was a statistically drastic decrease of vehicle approach speeds with traffic signs with embedded LEDs. The Texas Transportation Institute did a study and found... View More

Embedded LEDs in Traffic Signs

Driving with Trucks

September 19th, 2017 in ,

Tips for Driving with Trucks on the Roads Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Ever have difficulty driving near trucks on the roads? Here are some tips to help. Trucks and buses cannot make any sharp turns as easy as cars can. Their longer length and... View More

Trucks on the Roads

Missouri Department of Transportation

Buckle Up, Phone Down “The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and the Missouri Department of Transportation are challenging state agencies and Missouri businesses to join the Buckle Up-Phone Down movement”. During the year 2015, Missouri had 2,237 crashes that occurred due to cellphone usage while driving.... View More

Traffic Jams & Rush Hour

Is there a solution for traffic jams? In the NY Times, an article was released that posed some interesting questions. The problem here is, “… the columns of rush-hour gridlock that clog city streets and freeways”. Are self driving cars the way to go? And... View More

Right-Angle Collisions

Flashing LED Stop Signs can Reduce Right-Angle Collisions Are right-angle collisions an issue in your neighborhood or town? Did you know that right-angle collisions are one of the most dangerous for people in a vehicle? A study was done at the University of Minnesota in... View More


April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and so there are a few interesting articles that came out recently on the subject. An article came out near the end of April this year on about a device called the textalyzer. It’s similar to that of a breathalyzer,... View More