Emirates Insolaire Created Colored Solar Panels

A Dubai based company, Emirates Insolaire, has come up with the technology so that the world can have colored solar panels. Their goal was to boost solar energy as well as create solar panels or glass that also provides architectural aesthetics. The technology they created is called Kromatix technology and it was developed with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Just from rooftop solar, the United States can obtain 40% of it’s energy. Imagine if the walls, balconies, facades, etc. all had solar panels or solar glass. Emirates Insolaire says that the solar transmittance will always be above 85%, no matter which color. “The company doesn’t use pigments to color their solar glass, but rather ‘a complex nano-scale multilayer deposition by plasma process,’ and say the color will remain stable as time passes”. The color available through Emirates Insolaire with Kromatix technology include, gold, green, or terracotta, with an opaque finish.

So, the products are affordable, a 5.5 kilowatt solar system estimates around $1,300 to $1,500 a house.

Colored Solar Panels

Article Source || Emirates Insolaire || Solar Traffic Systems, Inc.