Traffic Signs with Embedded LEDs

Having embedded LEDs in traffic signs enhances drivers awareness of traffic signs.

In a study, there was a statistically drastic decrease of vehicle approach speeds with traffic signs with embedded LEDs. The Texas Transportation Institute did a study and found that 28.9% of vehicles complete a full stop with LED embedded traffic signs. The study also showed that 52.9% of vehicles significantly slowed down their speed in an intersection.

Solar Traffic Systems, Inc manufactures these LED Enhanced Flashing Traffic Signs themselves. Therefore, Solar Traffic Systems, Inc mission is to provide products that ensure the safety of all individuals.

So, with years of traffic construction history behind us, we have seen how poor traffic control signage has caused many accidents. Majority of those accidents being from unintentional non-compliance.

All in all, Solar Traffic Systems, Inc dedicates themselves to providing customers with quality products with state-of-the art technology.

Embedded LEDs

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