The Volkswagen Microbus is Green

Love Volkswagens? Want to be more environmentally friendly? Well, Volkswagen confirmed that they are bringing back the Microbus and it’s electric!

Nobody really knows when this beauty is coming out, but possibly around 2020.

Also, It is said that the car has about 270 mile driving range with a total of 369 horsepower coming from two electric motors. According to the automaker, “We are making electric mobility the new trademark of Volkswagen”.

So, we can only expect great things from Volkswagen in the electric car industry! This car seems like it will have all the good nostalgia feels that people want and more.

The car is going to be roomier and the drivers seat can even make a 180 so it can face the back. As well as the steering wheel being able to turn into a dashboard.

Therefore, this car seems like it will be perfect for a nice trip to the beach or anywhere else due to it’s roomy size. Any interest in driving this Volkswagen Electric Microbus?

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