Flashing LED Stop Signs can Reduce Right-Angle Collisions

Are right-angle collisions an issue in your neighborhood or town? Did you know that right-angle collisions are one of the most dangerous for people in a vehicle? A study was done at the University of Minnesota in 2014 about how LED Flashing Stop Signs are effective. Flashing Stop Signs can reduce the amount of collisions at an intersection.

In this study, Professors Gary Davis and Chen-Fu Liao found an estimated reduction of about 41.5% in right-angle collisions. But, they were 95% confident that this statistic could be anywhere between 0% – 70.8%. They wanted to conduct two different studies. One included, “…a statistical study to estimate crash reduction and a field study looking at drivers’ behavior changes after the installation of a flashing LED stop sign”. To collect their field study, they did video data before the installation of the LED flashing stop signs. They would then analyze the footage afterwards.

There was not necessarily a change in the a full stop or full non stop when drivers were at the intersection alone. But it appeared that when there was opposing traffic that the amount of more clear stops became prominent.

Overall, the installation of LED flashing stop signs at an intersection would reduce right-angle collisions by approximately 42%.

To read the full article from the University of Minnesota, you can click on our source link here.