Flashing School Speed Limit When Flashing Sign

S5-1 School Zone Sign

New signs are always being created in the shop and this S5-1 School Zone Sign is a big one.

The S5-1 School Zone Speed Limit sign was recently created with at size of 36″ x 60″. Normal these School Zone signs are 24″ x 48″. With the sign being so large, there is a 12 volt battery in this sign as compared to the 6 volt battery.

This School Zone Sign conforms to the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Using innovative LED technology, the system employs a set of synchronized high-intensity LEDs. The LEDs extend the range of visibility of the sign during the day or night. Furthermore, driver awareness of the sign increases because the LEDs are flashing.


For video of the S5-1 School Zone Speed Limit Flashing Lights, click here.