There are Many Reasons to Go Solar in 2018

The number of solar installations is at its all-time high more than ever right now. There are more than 1.5 million residential solar systems in the U.S. Solar prices have dropped to an all-time low, so it is the perfect timing to go solar in 2018.

One reason to go solar in 2018, is because there is a 30% Federal solar tax credit for 2018. Congress recently passed a tax reform that will reconfigure how Americans will calculate their mortgage interest tax deduction. The credit will eventually drop down to 10% by 2021, so now is the time to start installing and investing. For the homeowners, the 30% solar ITC may provide some additional tax relief for 2018.

Also, by going solar, you will save huge on your monthly utility bills. If you start installing a solar system now in 2018, during January, you will be up and running in perfect time for sunny Spring days. And therefore, reduce your summer air conditioning costs. Summer is truly the best time of year to have a solar system installed for a various amount of reasons. The daylight hours are longer, therefore your system is going to be working at maximum capacity. By making more solar electricity in the Summer, you can build up a credit your utility to apply towards electric bills during the Fall and Winter.

Another reason 2018 is the perfect year to install that solar system is because of a faster financial payback. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you will see a return on your investment by losing in that 20% investment tax credit. Essentially, you will be capturing long-term utility savings that will pay for your solar system in a few years. That, of course, all depends on usage, rates, size, etc.

Last, but not least, your home value will increase. Nowadays, buyers will pay a premium of $12,000 to $15,000 for a home with an average-sized and resident-owned solar array.

So, after all that. Will you go solar?

Solar in 2018

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