Endless Energy from Water Vapor

Solar Paint

It seems that researchers have discovered a way to make paint produce clean energy for homes through solar paint!

Researchers found that when synthetic molybdenum-sulphide is mixed with titanium oxide, hydrogen fuel can be produced from solar energy and moist air.

This is a little simpler due to the fact that there is already titanium oxide in wall paint, it is the white pigment. This does not mean that solar paint can only be used filtered or clean water. It can also be used in dry and warm places as well that are near the ocean. The sea water would then be evaporated and then that water vapor would be absorbed into the paint.

There just needs to be water vapor in the air for the solar paint to do its work.

So, by combining these two materials, house walls can easily be converted to harvest energy. It is agreed that, “This is an extraordinary concept — making fuel from the sun and water vapor in the air”.

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Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170614091833.htm