Fire Trucks vs. Fire Engines

First of all, Fire Trucks and Fire Engines are NOT the same thing. There is actually a big difference between the two. Fire Trucks have a ladder while a Fire Engine does not. Sometimes a Fire Truck is referred to as a Hook & Ladder Truck. While a Fire Engine can sometimes be referred to as a Fire Pumper.

The ladder makes the two different, but so does the fact that a Fire Engine carries over 500 gallons of water. This allows the Fire Engine to create a super fine mist with their hose as well as foam.

Also, the very first known Fire Engine is from Ancient Greece. Therefore, the first modern Fire Truck has been around since the early twentieth Century.

Dalmatians are associated with Fire Trucks, but why? Well, apparently Dalmatians were the first siren before the actual emergency siren was created. It dates back to when there were horse drawn carriages and the Dalmatians ran alongside the horses. The dogs would bark and clear the road to warn others standing by that the Fire Truck was en route. Dalmatians are a great, brave and loyal breed. Perfect for Firefighters.

Solar Traffic Systems Flashing LED Signs now that contain the Emergency Strobe Switch. So, instead of having the Dalmatians bark to clear the road, all Firefighters have to do is push a button. Once the button is pushed, the lights will flash and their sirens will warn people that Fire Trucks are on the way.

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