Is there a solution for traffic jams?

In the NY Times, an article was released that posed some interesting questions. The problem here is, “… the columns of rush-hour gridlock that clog city streets and freeways”. Are self driving cars the way to go? And will they help reduce rush hour and traffic jams allowing a reduced travel time?

Nobody knows the answer, but it seems that self driving cars will not necessarily be the solution as much as Economics will be. No matter what is done, widen the roads two extra lanes, there will still be [new] drivers there to fill the space. Roads can then widen again, and the space will continue to be filled. It’s an endless cycle.

It seems that price congestion is being talked about; Uber and Lyft (as well as the Tolls in California, Texas and Minnesota) seem to increase their prices during rush hour. Whenever the demand seems to be at it’s highest, the prices will be as well.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, seems to want to bore subterranean freeways underneath L.A and then build a hyper loop train that extends the length of California.

Meanwhile, Larry Page, the Co-Founder of Google, is still interested in the idea of flying cars.

Will anything help traffic jams and have rush hour die down? Solutions are being looked for.

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