Tips for Driving with Trucks on the Roads

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Ever have difficulty driving near trucks on the roads? Here are some tips to help.

Trucks and buses cannot make any sharp turns as easy as cars can. Their longer length and larger size make it more difficult to maneuver.

Their blind spots are huge, if you cannot see the driver in their sideview mirrors, they cannot see you. Therefore, you are in their blind spot.

When in a work zone, truck stop or service station, extra care will be needed when dealing with space sharing with trucks and buses.

Whenever a truck is making a right hand turn, make sure not to get caught in the “right turn squeeze”. Typically, a truck will move left to make enough space for them to turn right. If a vehicle tries to pass a truck on the right, a crash is more likely to result. Always try to pass a truck on the left hand side, if possible.

For more information on sharing the roads, click on the link below.

There is also more information on “Large Blind Spots” as well as “Long Stopping Distances”.