Here are Some Tips for Winter Driving

According to, there are three key elements to safe Winter driving. Those include staying alert, staying in control, and slowing down.

Therefore, the best thing to do first is to winterize your vehicle. This includes scheduling a maintenance check-up for tires, tire pressure, battery, belts, hoses, and more (find source via “more” link). It is also recommended to never let the tank go below half a tank when driving in the Winter.

Some driving tips:

  • Try to get a feel for the road by testing out your steering control and braking ability slowly.
  • If applicable, equip your vehicle with chains or snow tires.
  • Reduce your speed to correspond with the weather conditions.
  • When stopping your vehicle, try to avoid sudden movements of the steering wheel and brake gently.
  • Always maintain a safe distance and interval between you and the car ahead of you depending on pavement conditions.
  • Always keep your windows clear; do not start driving until your windows are fully defrosted.
  • Watch out for dangerous and slippery spots ahead. Snow and ice stick longer in shaded areas.

Winter Driving

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